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Advanced linear programming 2016-2017: part 2

Lecturer: Marjan van den Akker, e-mail: J.M.vandenAkker@uu.nl

The exam is scheduled on Thursday, June 1, 13.30-16.30, Educ Beta.
There is one retake scheduled: Monday June 27, 13.30-16.30, BBG 0.79
Please check the elo of Mastermath for the final schedule.
There will not be a third possibility for passing this course in the academic year 2016-2017! Neither any individual oral exam!

The exam of May 14 2012 is here together with a scan of my handwritten draft solutions of part 2

Course week by week

If slides are updated w.r.t. last year's slides, the new version will be published after the lecture.

Some solutions to exercises are given here. and the soltion of exercise 6.8 is here.

Students from Utrecht, who like this course or the LNMB-course scheduling may consider the course Scheduling and Timetabling from the Master of Computing Science (COSC). It starts on April 26, and can be followed in combination with the LNMB-course Scheduling and also independently. No programming skills required. The Computing Science Master contains different courses that may be interesting and are open for Mathematics students.

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