Origami birds

This is a starting collection of photo's of Origami folds of birds. I fold these models, using directions from different books, make a photo of them with the camera of my SGI workstation, and put them on the web site. Apologies for poor quality of pictures, and in some cases, the folds have small errors (which are usually not visible due to the poor quality of the photo.) Folds are classified with respect to the book they are taken from.

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From `Birds in Origami'

Birds in Origami. John Montroll. Dover Publications, 1994, ISBN 0-486-28341-0, 48 pages.


None of the birds from Montroll's birds book are very hard. Birds aren't hard to fold anyhow usually, perhaps because they have only two legs.


A good use for a piece of paper that is white at both sides.


It is hard to make the birds stand. This one does, at it uses its tail to rest upon.


When my four-year old daughter was this model, she said: it is the bird that brings the babies. I guess she saw the Dumbo video very often?

From 'North American Animals in Origami'

North American Animals in Origami. John Montroll. Antroll/Dover, 1995, ISBN 0-486-28667-3, 120 pages.

Great Horned Owl.


From `African Animals in Origami'

African Animals in Origami. John Montroll. Dover Publications, 1991, ISBN 0-486-26977-9, 159 pages.

Crowned Crane.

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