Chess Squares Trainer

This applet practices the squares of the chessboard. It asks for a random square on the chessboard. The user should make a (mouse)click on the specific square; can ask for another similar task, and can give up. When giving up; the square that is looked for is colored red; the last square clicked is also colored red.

This applet was made in October 1997. Information used came mainly from Jeroen Fokker's Imperatief Programmeren, (class-notes for 1st years programming course, where I am assisting); and the book Java, How to Program by Deitel and Deitel.

The applet was written by Hans Bodlaender, 1997. If you want to have the source code or copy it, email me.

The source code

You can download the source code. (c) Hans Bodlaender, 1997.
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