PhD students (former and present)

  • Camilo Arias Abad (2004- 2008). Title of the thesis: Representations up to homotopy and the cohomology of classyfying spaces.

  • Niels Kowalzig (2006- 2009). Title of the thesis: Hopf Algebroids and Their Cyclic Theory.

  • Ioan Marcut (2008-2012). Title of the thesis: Normal forms in Poisson Geometry.

  • Maria Amelia Salazar (2009- 2013). Title of the thesis: Pfaffian Groupoids.

  • Boris Osorno Torres (2010- 2015). Title of the thesis: Codimension-one symplectic Foliations: Constructions and Examples.

  • Joao Nuno (2010- 2015). Title of the thesis: Differentiable stacks: stratifications, measures and deformations.

  • Ori Yudilevich (2011- 2016). Title of the thesis: Lie Pseudogroups a la Cartan From a Modern Perspective.

  • Roy Wang (2012- 2017). Title of the thesis: On Integrable Systems and Rigidity for PDEs with Symmetry.

  • Francesco Cattafi (2015- 2019).Title of the thesis: A general approach to almost structures in Geometry.

  • Lauran Toussaint (2016- 2020): Title of the thesis: Contact Structures Codimension-one Symplectic Foliations.

  • Luca Accornero (2017- 2021): Title of the thesis: Topics on Lie pseudogroups | Pfaffian groups, Hefliger's cohomology and natural bundles.

  • Aldo Witte (2017- 2021): Title of the thesis: Between generalized complex and Poisson geometry.

  • Marten Mol (2018- 2022): working on Hamiltonian spaces and toric manifolds in the context of PMCT (Poisson manifolds of compact type).

    Formal supervision (as promotor):

  • Joey van der Leer Duran (2012- 2016): Supervisor: Gil Cavalcanti. Title of the thesis: Blow-ups in generalized complex geometry.

  • Ralph L. Klaasse (2012- 2017): Supervisor: Gil Cavalcanti. Title of the thesis: Geometric structures and Lie algebroids.

  • Davide Alboresi (2013- 2018): Supervisor: Gil Cavalcanti. Title of the thesis: Poisson Manifolds and Holomorphic curves.

  • Arjen Baarsma (- 2019): Supervisor: Gil Cavalcanti. Title of the thesis: Deformation problems and L^{\infty}-algebras of Fr├ęchet type

  • Dusan Joksimovic (2016- 2020): Supervisor: Fabian Ziltener. Title of the thesis: Locally uniform existence of leafwise fixed points for C^0-small Hamiltonian flows generating systems of symplectic capacities.

    For pictures of some of my former/ongoing students as well as of the various past/present postdocs that I hosted, have a look here.