About my name

My surname is van Dobben de Bruyn (not van Dobben or de Bruyn). This is a Dutch name, so the middlefix van is neither capitalised nor alphabetised.

Stricly speaking, Van should be upper case when it is not preceded by first name or initial. I do not currently follow this practice.


For sorting purposes only, my name should be parsed as

Dobben de Bruyn, Remy van.

That is, it is always filed under D and never under V or B.

The most creative I have seen: my name pushed all the way to the end of the alphabet, because of a sorting algorithm without case folding. Don't be that person.


BibTeX reads names as

{First} {Von} {Last} {Junior}.

It interprets {van Dobben de Bruyn, Remy} as

{Remy} {van Dobben de} {Bruyn} {}.

To fix this, write {van Dobben {de} Bruyn, Remy} in BibTeX, which is parsed correctly as

{Remy} {van} {Dobben de Bruyn} {}.

If your citation style uses Last instead of Von for sorting, this means I will appear in the correct place.


My name also broke the arXiv. Because of the two middlefixes van and de, the arXiv parses my name inconsistently. As a result, clicking my name from any of my papers gives no results.

I sent a note to the arXiv administrators, but this is obviously not a major priority for their very small team.

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