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Quanta itaque sint istorum orbium spatia, quamque exilis, eorum respectu, Telluris globulus, in quo tam multa homines molimur, tantum navigamus, tot bella gerimus, ex his intelligitur. Quod utinam discant cogitentque Reges & Monarchæ nostri; ut sciant quantilla in re laborent cum de angulo aliquo terræ occupando totis viribus, magno multorum malo, contendunt. [Christiaan Huygens, ΚΟΣΜΟΘΕΩΡΟΣ, sive, de Terris Cœlestibus, earumque ornatu, conjecturæ, 1698, p. 125]   This shows us how vast those Orbs [of Jupiter & Saturn] must be, and how inconsiderable this Earth, the Theatre upon which all our mighty Designs, all our Navigations, and all our Wars are transacted, is when compared to them. A very fit Consideration, and matter of Reflection, for those Kings and Princes who sacrifice the Lives of so many People, only to flatter their Ambition in being Masters of some pitiful corner of this small Spot. [Christiaan Huygens, The Celestial Worlds Discover’d, or, Conjectures Concerning the Inhabitants, Plants and Productions of the Worlds in the Planets, 1698, pp. 141-142]

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The following webpages reflect my current interests in the history of astronomy, history of astrology, history of celestial cartography and the history of calendars and timekeeping.
Flemish tapestry (Doornik?, c. 1500-1515) depicting the muse Astronomia with an astronomer (Claudius Ptolemy?), a scribe and shepherds gazing in awe at the heavens (Röhsska Museet, Göteborg).

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