Western-Islamic Calendar Converter based on the Umm al-Qura Calendar (1356 AH to 1500 AH)

The following Western-Islamic calendar converter is based on the Umm al-Qura calendar and is valid from 1356 AH (14 March 1937 CE) to 1500 AH (16 November 2077 CE). Outside this interval, the converter will give erroneous results.

  day month year     weekday
  day month year  
Islamic lunar date  AH
Islamic solar date  SH
Islamic lunation number   Length current lunar month days
Chronological Julian Day Number    © R.H. van Gent (2007-2017)

Note that the calendar dates for the months of Muḥarram, Ramaḍān, Shawwāl and Dhu ʾl-Ḥijja are often adjusted
by the religious authorities of Saudi Arabia after reported sightings of the lunar crescent
(see Adjustment of the Umm al-Qura Calendar)

Dates for the years 1356 AH to 1411 AH are based on a calendar conversion table published in the
early 1990s by the King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals Research Institute (Dhahran)

When the webpage is loaded the calendar converter will output the date and the length of the current month in the Umm al-Qura calendar. The date can be manually set to any other date between the limits given above by clicking on the ± buttons.

Note that the Western dates given by this date converter are the post-midnight equivalents. As the Islamic day begins at sunset, the given Western dates should be reckoned from sunset on the previous day, i.e. about six hours earlier.

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