Jurriaan Hage

I am an assistant professor in the field of programming technology of the Department of Information and Computing Sciences of Utrecht University. Since December 1st of 2020, I am the director of Master Education.

Brief bio

My research interests lie in the area of static analysis, with a focus on type error diagnosis and static analysis of functional languages. I also publish on program plagiarism detection, software architecture, software analysis, and testing.

Before that, I studied computer science in Leiden and did my PhD on switching classes under the supervision of professors Grzegorz Rozenberg and Tero Harju.

Long-running academic services

Short-running academic services

Externally funded projects

  • DOMain-Specific Type Error Diagnosis (DOMSTED), one PhD student in the NWO Free Competition (round Autumn 2012)
  • Higher-Ranked Polyvariance Explored, one PhD student in the NWO Free Competition (round Autumn 2011)
  • Future Internet Testing (EU project within FP7: ICT Software & Service Architectures and Infrastructures). Co-applicant with Wishnu Prasetya and international academic and industrial partners
  • Service Extraction from Decomposed Software Monoliths in the Financial Domain (ServiciFi) (NWO Jacquard 5th round, 2010). Two PhD students, co-applicant with Slinger Jansen
  • Scriptable Compilers, one PhD student in the NWO Open Competition (round Spring 2004)

Teaching activities

I am responsible for the courses:
  • Talen en Compilers (Languages and Compilers, INFOB3TC) [go there]
  • Automatic Program Analysis (INFOMAPA) [go there]
General education related activities:
  • Education Committee of the IPA research school
  • Member of BKOw committee that advises the head of department whom to award his or her BKO for teaching
My KonJoin profile is over here. I also supervise students preparing for the Computing Science Colloquium [go there].