G. 't Hooft  lectures

Undergraduate and students in different fields:

"Ons Fysisch Wereldbeeld". For some PowerPoint slides of this lecture series (in Dutch) click here and here

Undergraduate lecture notes:

A short compilation of the most common Special Functions and Polynomials and their properties, emphasizing the most important features that they all have in common.

Advanced lectures:

My latest work on quantum black holes in lecture format (version 9, October 2019)
Black hole information and back reaction - the next step. Talk held in Utrecht March 14, 2016.
Introduction to General Relativity (September 2012 - January 2013)

Given in past years:

Microscopic black holes and their significance in quantum theories of gravity (PowerPoint), Hamburg, March 2 2016.
Introduction to the Theory of Black Holes  
Topics in Theoretical Physics II - Group Theory  (2008)
String Theory (2004, for 4th and 5th year students)
Lecture at Erice 2003, "Horizons" to be seen here. (static pictures of PowerPoint)
The Higgs Sector (Amsterdam, April 2003) (static pictures of PowerPoint)
Lecture notes of my lecture on "Quantum Mechanics and Determinism at the Planck Scale, to be seen here. (static pictures of PowerPoint)
Lectures given at the 5th WE Heraeus Summer School, Saalburg/Germany, September 1999, on "Monopoles, Instantons and Confinement", appeared as hep-th/0010225. (static pictures of PowerPoint)

Introduction to String Theory (version 14-05-04).
Memorial lecture Philippe Meyer (ENS, Paris, October 4, 2008)

Various other PowerPoint Lectures:
Extremes in Physics: The Theory of Everything.
A Confrontation with Infinity, Nobel Lecture 1999.
Complex Transformations and the Cosmological Constant Problem (2006)
Model for Quark Confinement (50th Anniversary of the Sakata Model, Nagoya, Japan, Nov. 2006)
Gravitational Waves (Delft, Leonardo Da Vinci Symposium, March 2007)
Humanity in the Cosmos (Lindau, 58th Meeting of Nobel Laureates, June 2008 )
Black Holes and Quantum Physics (2009)

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