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These pictures were obtained using PovRay, a program for three dimensional graphics that turns out to have a magnificent internal accuracy.
The Mandelbrot set was included in the package, so all you have to do is think about how to render the colors.
The pictures have been reduced in size (length and width multiplied by 0.06). Click to see the full resolution. Zoom in and scroll to be amused.
The numbers 53 - 61 each are large enlargements of a tiny part of the previous picture.
In the large versions (4000x3000 pixels) you can see which part is being shown in the next display.
Eventually, frame 61 magnifies the original set by a factor 10^13 (ten million million), or, if the first picture would be scaled to the size of the orbit of the Earth aroung the Sun, the last picture would be just under 3 cm.
62 - 71: An other series. Right up to the accuracy limit of my laptop.

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