By Gerard ít Hooft

My Fulmination Page

Don't you ever put your carefully prepared PowerPoint presentation on a memory stick to run it on another computer, when you want to give your presentation.
If you edited mathematical equations on your slide: hah, watch what happens: your math symbols will be replaced by funny wiblings or webdings or so, and you will have to explain what you meant to your audience, of course being totally unprepared for this.
The other day I thought, well, my presentation has no equations in it, I forgot my Swiss plug, so I'll transfer my file to my host's computer, but aaaah, while giving the presentation Microsoft still managed to ruin it by messing up one of its slides. It's all about fonts and disagreements between Microsoft and other providers about which fonts to use (and what to pay for them).
I like Powerpoint for its great animations, but I prefer having no animations if I can foresee that my slides are turned into a mess. Sometimes I don't foresee this. And it's not nice to be surprised while you give your presentation. The scandalous thing about this is that you get no warnings. Beware.

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