1. Petrus Jacobus (Pierre) van Baal, Title thesis: Twisted Boundary Conditions: A Non-perturbative Probe for Pure Non-Abelian Gauge Theories.
    Graduation date:  4 July 1984.
  2. Ruud van Damme, Title thesis: The Two-loop Renormalization of General Quantum Field Theories.
    Graduation date:  29 October 1984.
  3. Herman Louis Verlinde, Title thesis: The Path-Integral Formulation of Supersymmetric String Theory.
    Graduation date:  26 September 1988.
  4. Robbert Dijkgraaf, Title thesis: A Geometrical Approach to Two-Dimensional Conformal Field Theory.
    Graduation date:  27 September 1989.
  5. Joost Zegwaard, Title thesis: The Loop representation for canonical quantum gravity and its interpretation.
    Graduation date:  24 January 1994.
  6. Max Welling, Title thesis: Classical and Quantum Gravity in 2+1 Dimensions.
    Graduation date:  19 January 1998.
  7. Sebastian de Haro, Title thesis: Quantum Gravity and the Holographic Principle.
    Graduation date:  18 June 2001.
  8. Bartjan van Tent, Title thesis:  Cosmological Inflation with Multiple Fields and the Theory of Density Fluctuations.
    Graduation date:   9 Sept 2002.
  9. Johannes Weda, Title thesis: Masses and Magnetic Moments of Baryons in a QCD-string Model, 
    Graduation date:  10 May 2004.
  10. Zoltán Kádár, Title thesis:  The polygon representation of three dimensional gravitation and its global properties,
    Graduation date: 
    18 April 2005.   Copromotor: Dr. R. Loll.
  11. Stefan J. B. Nobbenhuis, Title thesis:  The Cosmological Constant Problem, an Inspiration for New Physics.
    Graduation date:  15 June, 2006.
  12. Tomas Janssen, Title thesis: The infrared sector of quantum fields on cosmological space-times,
    Graduation date:  6 July 2009.  Copromotor: Dr. T. Prokopec.
  13. Jurjen Ferdinand Koksma, Title thesis: Quantum Field theory and Decoherence in the Early Universe.
    Graduation date:  22 June 2011. Copromotor: Dr. T. Prokopec.
  14. Maarten van de Meent, Title thesis: Piecewise Flat Gravity in 3+1 dimensions.
    Graduation date:  19 December 2011.
  15. Christopher S.P. Wever, Title thesis: Soft and Coulomb resummation: squark and gluino production at the LHC,
    Graduation date:  27 May 2013. Copromotor: Dr. P. Falgari
  16. Drazen Glavan, Title thesis: Late-time Quantum Backreaction in Cosmology.
    Graduation date:
    28 August 2015. Copromotor: Dr. T. Prokopec.
  17. Anne T. Franzen, Title thesis: The wave equation on black hole interiors. Second Promotor: Prof. M. Dafermos.
    Graduation date: 1 December 2015.
  18. Gerard ’t Hooft
    Last revised date: December 2, 2015