Topics  in  theoretical  physics

NS-355 B

ECTS-punten:    7.5 Categorie:    3 Cursuscode:    NS-355B Periode:       06-02-2007 t/m 27-06-2007 (3-4)
            Tijd        MA-ochtend, 11:00-12:45;   WO-ochtend 9:15-12:45


 Part two,  starting date 23-04-2007: Introduction to Lie Groups in Physics

G. 't Hooft, 3d year, approx16 lecture hours, 16 werkcollege hours,  plus home work

Werkcollege-assistant: Timothy Budd.


23 April - 27 June.  except April 30 (Koninginnedag) and May 28  (2e Pinksterdag)
   Mondays  11:00 - 12:45 , Hoorcollege, BBL 160
   Wednesdays 9:15 - 12:45, Werkcollege, BBL 160. Exercises to be handed in Friday in the same week, at the latest
(except the first set, since Monday April 30 is free, so you have until Friday May 4 to hand in the first exercises).

Lecture notes: In Dutch: "Lie-groepen in de Fysica versie 21/06/06" download here. The newer, English version (25/6/07) is now complete.

Working class exercises now obtainable in English.

(Last year's set of exercises)

TENTAMEN:    The test results are in. Only those who passed for both sections of the course will have passed the entire course. Those who obtained a  4  or higher are entitled to take the retake exam. Students who did not complete the course, or ceased handing in exercises, are not qualified for the retake.

Date Retake Exam:  Wednesday August 29,  9:00 - 11:00   Note: this time, use of lecture notes will  NOT  be allowed!