Practicum 1, March 2, 2010, 14:00-16:00

1. I
nstall your personal copy of the MATLAB solver for Filippov systems:
    (a) copy the file to the Desktop.   
(b) unzip the just copied file (right-click on it and select WinZip -> Extract to here). The folder FilippovSim will be created that contains all necessary files.
    (c) start MATLAB by selecting Start -> All Programs -> MATLAB -> R2009a -> MATLAB R2009a and choose FilippovSim to be your current folder.
    (d) add the current folder to MATLAB Path (via File -> Set Path -> Add Folder).

2. Study the Relay Feedback Example:
(a) examine files in the subfolder RelayFeedback; consult - if necessary - SECTION 4.1 and APPENDIX A in the paper by Piiroinen & Kuznetsov (2008).
    (b) run MATLAB script run_relay.m in the subfolder RelayFeedback to reproduce Fig.5 of that paper.
    (c) reproduce the right panel of Fig.6 there.

3. Use the solver to simulate other Filippov systems
(a)  verify that a Filippov system given in Section 3.2.4 of the paper by Kuznetsov, Rinaldi & Gragnani (2003) has the bifurcation diagram equivalent to II_2 in Fig.12 of that paper.
    (b)  simulate the dry-friction oscillator studied in Section 6.1 of the paper by Dercole & Kuznetsov (2005) and reproduce phase portraits in Fig.8 of that paper.