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Currently, I work at two locations in the Netherlands, and you find links here:

At Wageningen University, I am employed as a professor Air Quality and Atmospheric Chemistry at the department Meteorology and Air Quality (MAQ). Focus is on the modelling of the atmospheric composition on different spatial and temporal scales. An example is the CarbonTracker activity.

In Utrecht, I am employed at the Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Research (IMAU). In the Atmospheric Physcis and Chemistry Group (ACPG), the atmospheric composition is studied, also from an experimental perspective. With my modeling activities, I try to learn more about sources and sinks of atmospheric compounds like methane (CH4) and hydrogen (H2), also employing the isotopic composition.

Until 8-2018 I was also employed by SRON. These activities now moved to Wageningen.I study the atmosphere using satellite data. With data-assimilation techniques it is possible to obtain useful information from satellite data (beyond pretty pictures). Again, a combination of observations and modelling is used, such as 4D-VAR data-assimilation.

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