Stefano Marseglia

Carcassonne - October 2021
Carcassonne - October 2021.

Academic Position:
- VENI Postdoc at the Mathematical Institute , Utrecht University, since January 2021.
Previous Academic Positions:
- (2019-2020) Postdoc at the Mathematical Institute , Utrecht University.
- (Fall 2018) Postdoc at the Max Plank Institute for Mathematics in Bonn.
- (Summer 2018) Postdoc at Matematiska Institutionen , Stockholms Universitet.
- previously I was a Ph.D. student at SU under the supervision of Jonas Bergström.
I have obtained my doctorate on June 28, 2018.
- E-mails: s.marseglia (at), stefano.marseglia89 (at)
- Visiting Address: Hans Freudenthalgebouw, Budapestlaan 6, room 617, 3584 CD Utrecht, The Netherlands
- Postal Address: Utrecht University, P.O. Box 80010, 3508 TA, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Mathematical Interests:
Arithmetic Geometry and Number Theory, with focus on computational aspects. More precisely, my main interests are:
- Abelian varieties (especially over finite fields)
- Orders in (product of) number fields (ideal class monoid, classification of modules)
- Arithmetic of GLn(Z) and the conjugacy problem
Curriculum Vitae :
- June 2023