Universiteit Utrecht

Department of Mathematics

From 26th-30th of June, 2000, a workshop will be held on

Arithmetic Geometry

Place: University of Utrecht, The Netherlands.
Organizers: Bas Edixhoven, Ben Moonen and Frans Oort.

Information you can find here:

About the scientific programme
Call for open problems!
Practical information related to the conference
Registration as a participant
Travelling information - finding your way to and in Utrecht

1. Scientific programme

Here is the programme (gzipped pdf-version) as it stands now. (Some of the titles are still to be announced; we shall update our file as soon as we have more titles.)

There will be two series of lectures devoted to a special topic:
I. Proof of the Shimura-Taniyama-Weil Conjecture (organizer: Bas Edixhoven)
II. Stratifications of Moduli Spaces (organizer: Gerard van der Geer)

The morning programme of Tuesday, 27 June, will be orientated to number theory. We expect to be able to welcome several participants of the ANTS4-conference that day. On Tuesday afternoon the conference will be combined with the general colloquium of the Utrecht Math Department, and we are honoured to announce Laurent Clozel as speaker.

The remaining part of the programme will be devoted to individual lectures about recent developments.

Speakers in the conference include:

Kevin Buzzard, Laurent Clozel, Johan de Jong, Bas Edixhoven, Noam Elkies, Carel Faber, Eyal Goren, Dick Gross, Yuri Manin, Shinichi Mochizuki, Ben Moonen, Arthur Ogus, Richard Pink, Chad Schoen, René Schoof, Nick Shepherd-Barron, William Stein, Gerard van der Geer.

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2. Call for open problems!

In 1995, at our previous conference, Frans Oort issued a preprint with some open problems in Algebraic Geometry. (To download it, click here.) This has stimulated many people to think about these problems, in some cases leading to interesting new results.

For the upcoming conference, we propose again to collect ``Open Problems''. We invite you to submit your favourites for this collection.

The problems we receive will be handed out during the Workshop. Reactions and discussions are very welcome. We hope that we can edit the (revised ?) problems, and possibly publish these in some form after the Workshop.

Deadline: please hand in before or on Monday, 26 June; preferably via e-mail.

Please supply with every submission:

- the question,
- a brief explanation (if necessary),
- references (if necessary),
- your name(s) and address and e-mail.
People not participating in the Workshop may also hand in questions.

We look forward to your reaction!

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3. Practical information

If you want to participate, we recommend that you register as soon as possible (if you haven't already done so). In the week of the workshop the semi-finals and finals of the European Soccer Championships are played in Belgium and the Netherlands. A consequence of this is that most hotels are already booked full. We have a limited number of options on hotel rooms; these go out on a first come, first go basis. For a single room in a standard hotel you should expect to pay approximately Dfl 180,- (82 Euro) per person per night. If all our reservations are taken, all we can offer is the address of the tourist office. Most likely they can then only offer rather expensive rooms (at best).

The conference will be held in the mathematics department of the University of Utrecht. Instructions about how to get there will be made available on our internet sites; on request we can also send a hard copy.

Registration is in room 611 of the math department, on Monday morning, 26 June. The scientific programme will start that day at 2:00 pm. The programme will end on Friday afternoon, 30 June, before 5:00 pm. There is no conference fee; lunches, as well as coffee and tea, are provided.

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4. Registration as a participant

You can register by sending an email or letter to: Frans Oort, University of Utrecht, Department of Mathematics, PO Box 80.010, NL-3508 TA Utrecht, the Netherlands. Email: oort@math.uu.nl

In your registration, please include the following information:
1. Your name, affiliation, and address. In case this is not the address where we should send further announcements, please indicate so.
2. Do you want us to make a hotel reservation for you? If yes:

(a) Do you want to book a single or double room? (In case you wish to share a room with another participant, please indicate with whom.)
(b) What are the dates of your arrival and departure?
3. Will you register at the conference on Monday, 26 June? If you arrive later, at which date?

Currently registered participants:

Fabrizio Andreatta, Frits Beukers, Bryan Birch, Irene Bouw, Nils Bruin, Oliver Bültel, Kevin Buzzard, Ching-Li Chai, Laurent Clozel, Elisabetta Colombo, Bart de Smit, Johan de Jong, Robin de Jong, Igor Dolgachev, Harry D'Souza, Bas Edixhoven, Carel Faber, Carlo Gasbarri, Eyal Goren, Dick Gross, Walter Gubler, Toshiyuki Katsura, Vijaya Kumar Murty, William E. Lang, Hendrik Lenstra, Ke-Zheng Li, Adam Logan, Ronald van Luijk, Yuri Manin, Shinichi Mochizuki, Ben Moonen, Marc-Hubert Nicole, Rutger Noot, Arthur Ogus, Cathy O'Neil, Frans Oort, Richard Pink, Sasha Polishchuk, Jordan Rizov, Hans Roskam, David Savitt, Chad Schoen, René Schoof, Jasper Scholten, Nick Shepherd-Barron, Alice Silverberg, Peter Stevenhagen, Peter Swinnerton-Dyer, Jaap Top, Kenji Ueno, Gerard van der Geer, Alexa van der Waall, Rob van der Waall, Bert van Geemen, Maja Volkov, Torsten Wedhorn, Stefan Wewers, Jörg Wildeshaus, Jean-Pierre Wintenberger, Chia-Fu Yu, Noriko Yui, Yuri Zarhin, Hui June Zhu, Thomas Zink.

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