Master Class 2006-2007

Mathematical Logic

The Master Class is is organized by the MRI (Mathematical Research Institute) in The Netherlands. It starts in September 2006, and will end in June 2007. Courses will take place in Utrecht and Nijmegen (The Netherlands). Here is a poster in pdf format; more info can be found in the brochure in pdf format; brochure in word.

The coordinators of this Master Class are J. van Oosten and I. Moerdijk .

- About this Master Class.

- How to apply this Master Class.

- Deadline.

- Lecturers.

- Brochure: contains information about the Master Class, MRI, about living in The Netherlands, and how to apply.

- Preparing for the Master Class (necessary background for the participants).

- More info about the courses .

- Schedule (preliminary).

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- MRI.

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