Reading seminar on the circle method, Fall 2021

For three introductory lectures on the circle method for Waring's problem see also Kevin Hughes' online course starting on October 11, 2021.


Waring's problem

  1. Oct. 4 at 14:00 (Boaz)
    Introduction to Waring's problem and the circle method ([N, §I.5.1], [D, Foreword, §§1-2], [V, §1]).
    Decomposition into major and minor arcs ([N, §I.5.3], [D, §4]).
    The minor arcs ([N, §I.5.4], [D, Lemma 4.1]).
    Weyl's inequality ([N, Theorem I.4.3], [D, Lemma 3.1], [V, Lemma 2.4]).
  2. Oct. 11 at 14:00 (Rosa)
    Dirichlet's theorem ([N, Theorem I.4.1], [V, Lemma 2.1]).
    Hua's Lemma ([N, Theorem I.4.6], [D, Lemma 3.2], [V, Lemma 2.5]).
    Auxiliary functions for the major arcs ([N, §I.5.5], [D, §4 till Lemma 4.3]).
  3. Oct. 18 at 14:00 (Miriam)
    The singular integral ([N, §I.5.6], [D, Theorem 4.1]). The singular series ([N, §I.5.7], [D, §§5-6]).
  4. Oct. 25 at 14:00 (Francesca)
    Waring's problem vs solution of equations ([D, §7-10]).

Homogeneous equations and Birch's theorem

  1. Nov. 1 at 14:00 (Marta)
    Introduction to the problem for homogeneous forms ([D, §§11, 19 (only overview)], [B, §1]).
    Introduction to the problem for cubic forms ([D, §§13, 14]).
  2. Nov. 8 at 14:00 (Judith)
    Cubic forms via the circle method ([D, §§15-17]).
  3. Nov. 15 at 14:00 (Miriam)
    p-adic questions for cubic forms ([D, §18])
    p-adic questions for Birch's theorem ([B, §7])
  4. Nov. 22 at 14:00 (Julia)
    Birch's theorem ([D, §19], [B, §§2-6], [V, §9], [Browning, §8 till §8.2.3])

Heath-Brown's delta method

  1. Nov. 29 at 14:00 (Rosa)
    Introduction, weight functions, and theorems 1 and 2 ([HB, §§1-3]).
  2. Dec. 6 at 14:00 (Judith)
    Description of the singular integral: Theorem 3 ([HB, §§4-6]).
  3. Dec. 13 at 14:00 (Shuntaro)
    Singular integral estimates and the singular series ([HB, §§7-9]).
  4. Dec. 20 at 14:00 (Francesca)
    Applications to quadratic forms ([HB, §§10-14]).

Possible expansions

  • Van Valckenborgh, Squareful numbers in hyperplanes, arXiv link
  • Browning-Yamagishi, Arithmetic of higher-dimensional orbifolds and a mixed Waring problem, arXiv link
  • Shute, Sums of four squareful numbers, arXiv link


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