AG Preprint Seminar

In this seminar the participants take turns presenting papers that appeared recently on arXiv in the algebraic geometry or the number theory sections. If you wish to participate, please contact contact Marta Pieropan

The seminar starts at 11:15.



  • June 22 (11:15, HFG-610) Carolina Tamborini, "Punctual characterization of the unitary flat bundle of weight 1 PVHS and application to families of curves" by González-Alonso and Torelli, arXiv:2101.03153
  • June 28 (11:00 - 13:00, HFG-611), research talk by Pol van Hoften
  • July 6 (11:00 - 12:00, HFG-611), research talk by Valentijn Karemaker


  • June 8 (HFG-610), Wilberd van der Kallen, "Frobenius Splittings", arXiv:1208.3100
  • May 31 (HFG-610), Dirk van Bree, "When are two HKR isomorphisms equal?" by Huang, arXiv:2205.04439
  • May 25 (HGF-610), Marta Pieropan, "Heights on stacks and a generalized Batyrev-Manin-Malle conjecture" by Ellenberg, Satriano and Zureick-Brown, arXiv:2106.11340
  • May 9 (Duistermaat), Marta Pieropan, "Global Frobenius liftability I & II" by Achinger, Witaszek and Zdanowicz, arXiv:1708.03777 and arXiv:2102.02788
  • March 7, Sebastián Carrillo Santana, "Values of zeta-one functions at positive even integers" by Kobayashi and Sasaki, arXiv:2202.11835
  • Feb. 28, Carolina Tamborini, "The Coleman-Oort conjecture: reduction to three key cases" by Moonen, arXiv:2201.11971
  • Feb. 14, Boaz Moerman, "Tamagawa measures on universal torsors and points of bounded height on Fano varieties" by Salberger, article, and "Compter des points d'une variété torique" by de la Bretèche, article
  • Feb. 7, Sergej Monavari, "On the motive of the Quot scheme of finite quotients of a locally free sheaf" by Ricolfi, arXiv:1907.08123
  • Jan. 24, Dirk van Bree, "Using the internal language of toposes in algebraic geometry" by Blechschmidt, arXiv:2111.03685


  • Nov. 29 (HFG-611), Reinier Schmiermann, "Components and singularities of Quot schemes and varieties of commuting matrices" by Jelisiejew and Šivic, arXiv:2106.13137
  • Nov. 22 (KBG-Atlas), Dusan Dragutinovic, "The existence of supersingular curves of genus 4 in arbitrary characteristic" by Kudo, Harashita and Senda, arXiv:1903.08095
  • Nov. 8, Dirk van Bree, "Unramified division algebras do not always contain Azumaya maximal orders" by Antieau and Williams, arXiv:1209.2216
  • Nov. 1, Stefano Marseglia, "On matrices of endomorphisms of abelian varieties" by Zarhin, arXiv:2002.00290, and "Lattices in Tate modules" by Poonen and Rybakov, arXiv:2107.06363
  • Oct. 11, Carel Faber, "A non-hyperelliptic curve with torsion Ceresa class" by Beauville, arXiv:2105.07160, and "A non-hyperelliptic curve with torsion Ceresa cycle modulo algebraic equivalence" by Beauville and Schoen, arXiv:2106.08390
  • Oct. 4, Marta Pieropan, "Sums of four squareful numbers" by Shute, arXiv:2104.06966