From Knowledge Representation to Argumentation in AI, Law and Policy Making. A Festschrift in Honour of Trevor Bench-Capon on the Occasion of his 60th Birthday.

Katie Atkinson, Henry Prakken & Adam Wyner (eds.)

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Table of contents:

  • Preface. Katie Atkinson, Henry Prakken & Adam Wyner . i.
  1. Overview of Trevor Bench-Capon's Research. Katie Atkinson, Henry Prakken, and Adam Wyner. 1-9. [PDF]
  2. Evaluating the Uses of Values in a Model of Legal Reasoning. Kevin Ashley. 11-37.
  3. The Value of Values in Computational Argumentation. Katie Atkinson and Adam Wyner. 39-62. [PDF]
  4. Values as the Point of a Story. Floris Bex. 63-78. [PDF]
  5. A Data Mining Approach to Extracting Debate Graphs. Zaher Salah, Frans Coenen, and Davide Grossi. 79-96. [Slides]
  6. Propositional Encodings of Value-based Argumentation Questions. Paul E. Dunne. 97-114. [PDF]
  7. Structured Consultation with Argument Graphs. Thomas F. Gordon. 115-133. [PDF]
  8. Revisiting Metalevel Argumentation. Sanjay Modgil. 135-150. [PDF]
  9. Talking about Doing. Peter McBurney and Simon Parsons. 151-166.
  10. Relating Ways to Instantiate Abstract Argumentation Frameworks. Henry Prakken. 167-189. [PDF]
  11. From UUM and CEG to CBR and ICAIL: a Journey in AI and Law. Edwina Rissland. 191-212.
  12. Reasoning with Values: Quantitative Assessments Without Numbers. Giovanni Sartor. 213-234.
  13. FuzziCalc: The Fuzzy Logic Spreadsheet. Marek Sergot. 235-242. [PDF]
  14. Arguments about Values. Bart Verheij. 243-257. [PDF]
  15. Value-Based Practical Reasoning. Douglas Walton. 259-282. [PDF]