DOT research projects

The Dutch Open Telescope on La Palma is an innovative solar telescope built and operated by our group.  The DOT produces high-resolution image sequences simultaneously at different wavelengths that sample the solar atmosphere at different heights.  There are beautiful examples on the DOT website.  Amongst other phenomena they chart the topology, dynamics, and evolution of the enigmatic magnetic structures in the solar atmosphere.

In addition, an advanced speckle processor on La Palma enables us to frequently participate in international observing campaigns combining the DOT with other telescopes in the Canary Islands and with EUV and X-ray telescopes in space.  Such combination permits studying solar magnetism from the deep photosphere out to the corona.

You are welcome to share in this exciting research in a Bachelor or Masters research project.  Specific research topics are:

We also perform detailed comparisons with numerical simulations in order to identify the underlying physics.

Technical research projects target telescope engineering, astronomical instrumentation, polarimetry, optics, image processing, information technology, software engineering, etc.

In addition, the DOT team is investigating further development of the open-tower and folding-canopy technology originally defined for the DOT.  This is done through a sizable grant from the Dutch Technology Foundation STW.  Potential applications include future telescope installations on Antarctica.  This development work can accommodate technical physics and technical university students.

Contacts for solar physics DOT projects:   <R.J.Rutten at>
Contacts for technical DOT projects:  <bettonvil at>  and  <R.H.Hammerschlag at>

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