DOT showpieces:  specials,  movies,  images,  photographs

DOT specials:  selection of particularly beautiful movies, images, image mosaics, morph-overs, with explanation.

DOT movie album:  index to all DOT movies, both in .avi and .mov format.

DOT image album:  thumbnail index to an album of high-resolution solar images taken with the DOT, some in colour, in both bitmap and postscript format, with explanatory captions.

DOT photograph album:  thumbnail index to an album of high-resolution photographs and design drawings of the DOT, with explanatory captions.

Clicking on the selected thumbnail downloads the corresponding file.  This may take long!  In MacOS, for example, Safari may show only the QuickTime logo without progress indication during its lengthy download of a .mov file, and may not download an .avi file but just show a question mark in its logo without further information.  Firefox does a better job for both formats.  The first movie in the movie album is a small short blinker to test your downloader, player, file saver.

Save a copy by a right-mouse click on the movie/image/photograph, or by clicking on the browser file opener, and then selecting the "save as" option.

You can also download DOT movies, images, photographs directly from the album directories: rutte101/dot/albums/movies rutte101/dot/albums/images rutte101/dot/albums/photographs

The original DOT movies are in .mpg format and available at rutte101/dot/web/movies.  They are 24 fps, too fast for poor players as QuickTime but can be slowed down with the VLC player or with  mplayer -fs -fps 10 file.mpg -loop 0 (Linux/Unix).

Under Linux/Unix downloading many album files at once can be done through e.g.:
      lftp rutte101/dot/albums/movies    connect to desired directory (movies/images/photographs) through anonymous ftp
  ls show directory contents
  du -hs show total directory size
  mirror -n . get all (new) files
  mget *AR10786*avi get all AR10786 .avi movies  
  exit when done

If you need PostScript files for insertion in LaTeX you may produce them from bitmap files (e.g. .tif) with the Linux/Unix command  convert -geometry XxY file.tif where X and Y are the pixel sizes of the image.

More DOT images and movies are available via the database search engine, the chronological database index.  Here is the original DOT movie page.

You are welcome to use any DOT material in publications and presentations of any kind (bijvoorbeeld profielwerkstukken natuurkunde/sterrenkunde over de zon).  We appreciate acknowledgement to "Dutch Open Telescope" (short), or "Dutch Open Telescope, operated at the Spanish Observatorio del Roque de los Muchachos of the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias" (long).