DOT time allocation

All DOT scheduling remains contingent on funding and on DOT team members being on-site.  From 2010 external usage is limited to external-user mode in which the proposer contributes the DOT operation cost and performs the on-site observing and speckle reconstruction.  See DOT external usage

CCI-ITP and Spanish time.   When the DOT is operational it is contractually obliged to provide access in the context of CCI-ITP (5%) and Spanish observing time (20%).  When the DOT is used on external funding it must set aside CCI-ITP and Spanish time if such is requested and independently funded.  CCI-ITP proposals are reviewed through the EAST TAC.

External observing proposals.   The DOT team handles external DOT observing requests other than CCI-ITP DOT proposals.  They should be sent as a pdf file per email attachment to F.C.M.Bettonvil at  There are no specific forms.  DOT observing proposals should define and argue the science case, list which other telescopes will be used for what purpose, give timing suggestions and constraints, and specify the observers and the funding for external-user operation.  Yearly deadline: January 31.