Utrecht 1980: Geometry Symposium in honour of the 60th birthday of Nicolaas H. Kuiper.

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Lambrecht (Germany), Dec 13-17 Symposium on Singularities, representation of Algebra’s and Vectorbundles


Iowa 1986(USA)  Singularity Conference

Oberwolfach 1992 (june) Singularity Workshop   

Zhanjiang (China) 1994, Oct4-10: Workshop on Geometry and Topology




Oberwolfach 1999, May 2-8:  Tagung  Singularitäten


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Cambridge 2000 August:  Summer Institute New Developments in Singularity Theory

At the Issaac Newton Instirute


Utrecht 2001, May 15-17 MRI workshop Singularity Theory


Beijing 2001



Oberwolfach 2002  RiP  with Mihai Tibar



Lille 2003


Utrecht 2003: Singularity Days ; Dirk 60

Luminy 2004,July 17-25  VII Rencontre de Sao Carles sur les Singularités


Oberwolfach 2006 (September) Singularity Workshop

Liverpool 2012  Bruce60- Wall75 Conference

Edinburgh 2013 Conference

CIRM 2015:  Thematic Month on Singularities


"Real singularities and applications",                           “Local and global invariants of singularities”,       “Geometry of Singular Spaces and Maps ”,

              16-20 February 2015                                                  23-27 February 2015                                               2-6 March 2015


Lambrecht 2015:  Greuel 70 Conference



Lille 2016: Non-isolated Singularities,



             30 May-June 1 2016