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Fridor 522

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A by all means average European wooden table radio of the early nineteen fifties. Everything on it and in it is plain and simple, with the exception of the little brass crown mounted on top of the slide-rule dial; the crown brings it among my wife's favorits!

Data for this radio
Type Fridor 522 table top.
Bands LW (1000-2000m), MW (185-585m), SW (15-52m).
IF is 452 kHz.
Cabinet Wood; size 48x30x20 cm.
Tubes ECH42 (osc./mixer), EAF42 (IF stage and AGC/detection),
EBC41(AF stage), EL41 (output pentode),
AZ41 (Rectifier), 2 dial lights.
Controls Volume, Radio/Phone switch, Tone, Band switch, Tuning.
Produced The Netherlands, 1952.
Selling price in 1952 was 295 guilders.

Sticker on the back says ``Philips licentie'' and the chassis ressembles that of the Philips BX321 remarkably. The latter radio was produced in 1953, but the Fridor is clearly a predecessor of that design because it uses `Rimlock' tubes while the Philips uses some `Noval' tubes already.
Here is a picture of the chassis:

Gerard Tel, gerard@cs.uu.nl.