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Read about our [top] Department and University. Here are some radios for SALE and radios I have sold. Have a look in my radio workshop.
I am reworking the site with frames. I try to keep the current stuff available as much as possible until the frames museum is ready, but some mess (such as dangling pointers) will be encountered. In due time everything should be fine again.

The Collection

Below you can click to view items of my collection. For each item there is a picture and technical description of the item. In some cases there is also a brief discussion of some part of radio history, technique, or usage.
My radio collection
Tubed Table Radios Manufactured Remarks
C.E. B.E. France, 1936 Tombstone
(Brand unknown)
France, 1938 The French Radio that came from far
Ducretet D225 France, 1940 FOR SALE
Radiomarelli 9A75E Italy, 1947 Radiator radio.
Philips BX500A Netherlands, 1949 Salvaged from the Garbage Dump
Philips BX690A Netherlands, 1949 The SW-Listener's dream
Pye P445U England, 1952 Read about AC/DC radios
Fridor 522 Netherlands, 1952 With crown
Philips BX321 Netherlands, 1953 Bakelite table top,
First radio in my collection.
Point Bleu A416 France, 1953 1 Euro Antenna Construction
Philips B4X61A Netherlands, 1956 Bakelite horse-teeth.
The Series-balanced output stage
Loewe Opta 1700W
Bella Luxus
Germany, 1956 Horse teeth Mini
Small Table Radios Manufactured Remarks
Philips 208U Netherlands, 1944 First post-war production
Erres KY513 Netherlands, 1951 Design practice at ERRES in 1950
Tesla 306U Talisman Czechoslovakia, 1952 A Classical bakelite design, the four
tube circuit, and some Czech history
RCA Victor 5-X-560 U.S.A., 1955 See how the American stuff is different!
Tesla 426A Tenor Czechoslovakia, 1959
Philips B0X15U Netherlands, 1960 The cheapest Philips of 1960?
Homebrew stuff When Remarks
MW Loop Antenna April 1995 Improve your MW reception greatly!
crystal receiver
April 1995 Simple but excellent
Tel's EF80 January 1996 The radio with one type of tube... almost
Isolation transformer October 1997 For safety and DC in the shop
RC Meter November 1997 With picture of my workshop.
Hollands Glorie
with picture
January 1998 One tube MW radio
Portables Manufactured Remarks
Vega Turist 401 Norway, 1951
Philips L4X71AB Netherlands, 1957 Tubed AM/FM
Philips L3X71T Netherlands, 1957 Philips' first transistor
Philips L4X95T Netherlands, 1959 Made transistors popular
Erres RA-620P Netherlands, 1962 Sheet metal cabinet
Hitachi KH1002R Japan, 1964
Nanaola 8NR-102 Japan, 1964 What are CONELRAD markings?
Nordmende Stradella Germany, 1965 Deutsche Gruendlichkeit with wood cabinet
Philips 90RL230 Netherlands 1973
Philips 90AL270 Netherlands 1977
Selga 405 U.S.S.R., 1982
Pocket Radios Manufactured Remarks
Ross RE-714 Japan, 1964 Not sure about identification
Philips L2X52T Netherlands 1965
Cigarette Box novelty Macau, ca. 1970 No I don't smoke!
Etude 603 U.S.S.R., 1972 A decade before the Selga but much better
Goldfunk Hong Kong, ca. 1980
Sonata Super
headphone radio
Is this a novelty?
Spaarbank Cube Radio
IC90 China, 1995
Grolsch beer can 1997 Cheap novelty
Miscellaneous Manufactured Remarks
phono console
Netherlands, 1949
Precise 630
signal generator
U.S.A., 1953 Signal Generators on the Workbench
Siemens E566
Rain bow receiver
Germany, ca. 1962 Class 1 communications receiver
Philishave SC7920
France, 1962 Unusual: Unused!
Two RFT EO1/71a
G.D.R., 1967
Hong Kong, ca. 1970. Classic novelty with TROS advertisement
Marc NR-52F1
world receiver
Japan, 1975 Need documentation

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