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Loewe Opta `Bella Luxus'

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Bands: LW (150-350 kHz), MW (525-1600 kHz), FM (88-100 MHz).
Cabinet: Wood, 37x25x20 cm.
Tubes: ECC85, ECH81, EF89, EABC80, EL84, EM80,
Selenium rectifier B250C75.
Controls: Volume, Tone, Tune,
Pushbuttons Off, Tape, L,M,F, Bass, Jazz, Speech, Orch.
Connects: Aereals (AM, FM), Gram, LS.
Power: AC (110/125/150/220/240V).
Produced: Germany, 1956; price was DM245.
The name `Bella Luxus' was used during several years, but this one with type number 1700W is one of the early series.

A chassis view.

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