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Marc NR-52F1

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The first owner of this radio was a Berlin ham operator, who carried through some modifications, but eventually gave it away to a radio pal in Zeist. The Zeist ham used the set for some time and gave it away to his friend who was a vicar. The vicar bought a better radio, and this one was sold during a fund-rising action.

Bands: LW (145-420 kHz), MW (530-1630 kHz), MB (1.6-4.2 MHz),
SW1 (3.9-8.5 MHz), SW2 (7.8-12.5 MHz), SW3 (11.8-19 MHz),
SW4 (17.8-31 MHz), L-PB (66-87.5 MHz), FM (87-108 MHz),
AIR (107.5-138 MHz), H-PB (142-175 MHz), UHF (430-477 MHz).
Dimensions: W x H x D = 40 x 28 x 13 cm.
Cabinet: Plastic (dark brown).
Controls: With thirty controls, it's my daughter's favorite;
those marked (*) are modifications.
Switches on/off, AC/DC, Tape/Radio, AM/VHF, Double Conversion,
Pots Volume, Tone, Squelch, RF gain, BFO,
meter DC/Signal (*), RIT (*), Tone filter (*), Mains (*),
Antenna Rod/ext., Attenuator (*), Tuning, Dial light,
Push buttons: LW, MW, MB, SW1/2/3/4, LPB, FM, AIR, HPB, UHF.
Connects Mains, Ground, Antenna SW, Antenna FM, Earphone,
Tape, ext. power (12V DC).
Antennas: Ferroceptor (LW/MW), Whip 120 cm (SW), Whip 63 cm (UHF).
Power: AC (220/117V) 8W, DC 12 V, battery or external.
Produced: Japan, 1975.
The bottom of the set is marked "Made in Japan 508"; Fred Mason wrote me to interpret this as month 08 in a year ending in 5. The appearence of the set make 1965 and 1985 unlikely to me.

Gerard Tel, gerard@cs.uu.nl