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Philips B0X15u/01E

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This was probably the cheapest radio that could be bought in 1961; probably people used it in the kitchen or the bedroom.

Data for this radio
Type Philips B0X15U/01E Mini Radio
Bands MW (185-585 m / 512-1621 kHz).
Cabinet Moulded (plastic probably); size 26x14x14 cm.
Tubes UCH81 (osc./mixer), UBF80 (IF Stage and detection),
UCL82 (AF stages), UY89 (rectifier).
Controls Volume/off, Tuning.
Power AC/DC (110-127/220V).
Produced The Netherlands, 1960.
Condition: excellent.

The radio is built along cheap lines, no bells nor whistles, but plain Philips quality and durability. It is transformerless, and has a single-piece moulded cabinet and only four tubes. Components are mounted on a printed circuit board. An interesting technicality: tuning is inductive, that is, by varying the inductance of the coil in the tuning circuit.

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