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Philips 208U

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Data for this radio
Type Philips 208U-01, number E22254
Bands LW (900-2000m), MW (180-550m), SW (18-51m)
Cabinet Bakelite, 25x16x14cm
Tubes UCH21, UCH21, UBL21, UY1N
Controls Volume, Tuning, Bandswitch
Produced The Netherlands, 1944

Post-War Production at Philips

The south of our country, including the Philips plants, was liberated from German occupation by the end of the Second World War, in September 1944. All through the occupation, Philips engineers had hidden some stock of radio parts from the Germans in the Philips plant's attics, and they were able to construct a transmitter within weeks: `Herrijzend Nederland' aired in October 1944. Radio production was started almost immediately, and the 208U was the first post-war model; nowadays many collectors wouldn't hesitate to shed blood for a 208U with `Herrijzend Nederland' on the dial. To prevent raids on my home: this 208U was not in the first production run, and it doesn't list `Herrijzend Nederland'. This one still awaits restoration, including a hunt for two knobs and addition of fresh grille cloth.

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