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Philips BX321A/50

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This is one of the first radios I got as a little boy; I did have some before, but they are in the garbage plant for many years now. I brought it home from the weekly flea market on Vredenburg square, around 1974, before the Vredenburg Music Centre was erected on the spot. The radio went to my sister's home where it sat for twenty years, first in daily use and later for decoration. When it came back in 1994 it needed some cleaning and alignment, but it is in very good shape still, and complete with exception of the back.

Data for this radio
Type Philips BX321A/50 table radio.
Bands LW (1100-2000 m), MW (185-585 m), SW (16-52 m).
IF is 452 kHz.
Cabinet Bakelite, 39x27x19 cm.
Tubes ECH81 (osc./mixer), EBF80 (IF stage and detector),
EBC41 (LF stage), EL84 (output stage),
AZ41 (rectifier), 1 dial light.
The set combines Rimlock and Noval tubes.
Controls Volume/off, radio/pickup, Tonality, speach,
Bandswitch, Tuning.
Speaker 5 Ohm (type 9768X) or external.
Power AC (110/125/145/200/220/245 V) 45W.
Produced The Netherlands, 1953.
I bought it for 2.50 guilders. I have the service
documentation including schema.

Gerard Tel, gerard@cs.uu.nl.