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Philips L3X71T

The first Philps transistor portable

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The invention of the transistor in 1947 changed the design of radios quite radically, but not really overnight. The importance of the invention was realized from the start, but it would take seven years until the first fully transistorized radio was marketed (the Regency TR1, 1954). Philips had always been hesitant to adopt new technologies because they had always been able to exploit the old ones so efficiently. Transistorized hearing aids replaced their tubed predecessors in 1954, and `hybrid' radios (containing some tubes and some transistors) were produced in the fifties. The production of fully transistorized portable radios was started in 1957 with this model.

Data for this radio
Type Philips L3X71T transistorized portable
Bands LW (1150-2000m), MW (200-550m)
Cabinet Yellow plastic, brown leatherette
Tubes None; this is Philips' first fully
transistorized model
Controls Volume, tuning, pushbuttons Off, Tone, LW, MW
Produced The Netherlands, 1957

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