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Philips L4X95T Transistorradio

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Philips produced its first fully transistorized portable radio in 1957; this radio is just a little bit younger: produced in 1959. This Philips advertisement poster shows how you were supposed to use it:

Unfortunately the lady didn't come with the set when I got it.

Data for this radio
Type Philips L4X95T transistorized portable
Bands MW (517-1622 kHz), SW3 (1.6-3.9 MHz),
SW2 (4.65-9.9 MHz), SW1 (11.6-22 MHz)
Cabinet Wood wit leatherette, plastic grille.
Size 31 x 22 x 10 cm.
OC170 (Converter), OC45 (First IF), OC45 (Second IF),
OA85 diode (AVC), OA75 diode (Detector), OC75 (AF Amp.),
OC75 (Driver), OC72 and OC72 (push-pull output)
Controls Volume, tuning, and buttons: light, speach, MW, SW3,
SW2, SW1, off
Power Batteries 9V (6x D-cell) at 11-25 mA
Produced The Netherlands, 1959

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