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Philishave SC7920

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This 1962 Philishave is completely functional, but unused; could be of interest for razor collectors.

This electric shaver at the flee market looked old and new at the same time; the styling was from the sixties, but no sign of any use. (Anybody ever tried to completely remove all hairs and skin grease from a used razor? No way!) With case, instructions, cleaning brush, and additional clippers (type SC7917) it came for 2.50 guilders.

At home the Ohmmeter told me why it was never used: the power cord was broken internally. With a replacement cord the Philishave was healed (picture shows original cord). What happened to this razor since its original purchase in 1962? Does anybody buy a razor to find out it is defective and does not return it to the store? Or was it returned and stayed in the store for thirty years?

Description: Two-head electric razor, Philishave SC7920.
Power: 110/220V (manual switch) AC/DC, 8W.
Produced: 1962, manufactured in France.
Condition: Mint.
Obtained: Bought at flee market for 2.50 on February 4, 1995.
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