[Dept. of Computer Science]

RCA Victor 5-X-560

Our Department and University.
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Band: MW (540-1600 kc).
Cabinet: Red plastic, 33x20x15 cm.
Tubes: 12BE6 (HK90, converter), 12BA6 (HF93, IF stage),
12AV6 (HBC91, det+af stage), 50C5 (HL92, output), 35W4 (HY90, rect.).
Controls: Volume/off, Tuning, Radio/PU switch.
Power: AC/DC, 115V at 30W.
Produced: U.S.A., 1955.
I got this radio as a present; I replaced the filter caps and the condition is now excellent. I have schematics.

Gerard Tel, gerard@cs.uu.nl