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RFT EO1/71a Oscilloscope

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Wasn't that my lucky day! Two scopes for the price of one; actually I paid only 10 guilders for the pair, both in working order but a bit off-callibration.

Data for this equipment
Type RFT (Radio Funk Technik) type EO1/71a.
Serial numbers: 52218 and 52205.
Cabinet Steel, 17x22x28 cm.
Tubes 6x ECC85, EZ80, two miniature, CRT.
Controls Brightness, Focus, Power,
Vertical: Sensitivity switch and adjust, Zero align,
Horizontal: Frequency (11 band switch and adjust),
Sync, ext. Sensitivity.
Power AC (110/220V) 100W.
Produced German Democratic Republic, 1967.
Condition Both are exellent.
Documentation I have some operation suggestions and schematics.

RFT (Radio Funk Technik) also produced the notorios `Kolibri' radio, which could not be tuned: it was factory adjusted to receive two `democratic' programs (Radio Historisch Tijdschrift nr 81).

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