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Tesla 426A Tenor

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With the Talisman series, Tesla set its reputation as a producer of nicely styled, good quality small table radios. Production of that series ended in 1958, however, but this little Tenor is a worthy successor; its size, material (bakelite), and band coverage match those of the Talisman series. As also the number of tubes (four) and the inital letter of the name coincide, I think that the Tenor was marketed in the same price class as well.

Understandibly, the design is modernized: radio buyers of the nineteen fifties demanded a symmetric cabinet, and this radio employs the modern Noval tubes with parallel filaments. Tesla couldn't resists the `piano key' hype, but these keys only change the wave bands while the power is swichted with the volume control as in the earlier designs; an unusual combination.
Data for this radio
Type Tesla 426A `Tenor', serial no. 630416.
Bands DV (Dlhé Vlny means LW, 968-2145m),
SV (Stredné Vlny means MW, 187-588m),
KV (Krátke Vlny means SW, 16.5-51m);
MF is 468 kHz.
Cabinet Bakelite, size 31x20x18cm.
Tubes ECH81 (osc./mixer); EBF89 (IF stage);
ECL82 (preamp and output); EZ80 (rectifier).
Controls Vol/off, Tune, pushbuttons D/S/K.
Reception Bandwidth 12.5kHz (11.5 for LW);
Sensitivity 45 uV (90 for SW).
Speaker 4 Ohm, 10cm diameter. Output power 2W.
Produced In Bratislava (former Czechoslovakia), 1959/60.
Documentation Schematics (thanks to Marco Berti).

Gerard Tel, gerard@cs.uu.nl.