23. Radio Jokes

Yes, there are jokes about radios and radio technique. Please, if you know one or more really good ones, send them to me!

The French lesson. Two blondes meet and one of them greets: Bonjour, to which the other blonde replies: What is that? The first woman explains that she is speaking French: I discovered that when I tune to Hilversum 1, and then turn the tuning knob a bit to the right, I hear a French station and I took this up from listening it.
A few weeks later the women meet again, and again the first blonde says Bonjour. This time her friend replies: Krgg, krgg, krgg, krgg, ..

Modern Santa.
Well, well, that makes a difference! Due to the popularity of radio amateurism, we directly get all the wish lists from all over the world.

Notice the list of Lengtos de golvos on the wall; this is Spanish for wave lengths.

The woodblock radio.
Te koop: radio. Speelt niet, brandt wel. Jammer, ik heb geen haard!
For sale: radio. Does not play, but burns well. Sorry, I don't have a fireplace!

The service interruption.
National news: 1.4 million people can not receive radio broadcasts today. These people are in the center of the country. They need not worry: it is not a fault of your receiver.
The Radio Fashion.

Radio Repair

Ha ha, now this guy tries to repair this radio! It has been defective for forty years!
Skriiiekroew, skroewiek!
In France, President De Gaulle proposed a new constitution. Algerian rebel leader Ben Bella ...

Gerard Tel