25. RadioCorner 10 year jubilee

Until recently I have been in doubt about my claim of having the oldest old radio site on the Internet. At the time my site was on air for ten years I questioned around for older radio sites, but nobody knew of any. For this reason I consider now the matter settled: Gerard's Radio Corner is the oldest site about vintage radios on the entire Internet! Still, if you know or have heard of any vintage radio site older than mine, write me an email, and if you can confirm my claim in some way, please also do.

How old is RadioCorner?

Gerard started collecting radios in October, 1994. Before the site was called RadioCorner (this change happened around 1998), Gerard's site was called Gerard's Radio Collection, then Virtual Radio Museum. This is an excerpt from the Utrecht University server log of November, 1994:
HTTP Server Tree Report (See general statistics)
Covers: 11/01/94 to 11/30/94 (30 days). All dates are in local time.
# of Requests : Last Access (M/D/Y) : Dir/File 
8 : 11/22/94 : %7Egerard 
7 : 11/22/94 :   radios 
1 : 11/22/94 :     Grae522.gif 
1 : 11/22/94 :     Marc52.gif 
1 : 11/22/94 :     Phil591.gif 
1 : 11/22/94 :     colln.html 
1 : 11/22/94 :     grae522.html 
1 : 11/22/94 :     marc52.html 
1 : 11/22/94 :     phil591.html 
The logs prove that I was experimenting with a site (with three sets displayed) in November 1994, and that it was on air and could be accessed from all over the world. From January 1995 I started receiving emails about the displayed content.


How can one celebrate a web site jubilee? I decided to have a small party in my house, following the December 11, 2004, swap meet of the NVHR in Doorn. You can view photo's of the party here.

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