35. Selling conditions

Are you interested in buying on of my radios from me? If not (yet), you may see if there is something on my Sale list that you'd like to have.

No Shipping!

But please keep in mind: I do not ship radios. I used to, but had some bad experiences. Nowadays I prevent the hassle of shipping, the risk of damage or loss, and I want buyers to see what they get before closing the deal.

This means that you can only buy something from me if you have the possibility to pick up the item from my house in Zeist. If you find someone to pick it up for you, that's fine with me also.


Prices are defined in the E6 series. This means I prefer to use prices 10, 15, 22, 33, 47, or 68, multiplied by a power of ten. But occasionally I sell for E12 prices (or even non IEC 60063).
Gerard Tel