I'm happy you found my site

Welcome to my site: Gerard's Radio Corner. A collection of about 300 radios and other electronic gear constitutes the main material on the site, each set documented with some elementary data and a photograph.

Navigating through the site is done with the two menus on the left. In the upper window you select a category of sets you are interested in today, and a list of those units will appear in the lower panel. Clicking a set or article will display it in ths frame. Some of the less beautiful objects are not listed in these menus, and if you really want to see everything you can find it in the List of All Sets.


The files you can see on the Internet are updated about once a month (around the mid of the month). So, if you send me a suggestion for improvement or clearification (a lot of people do this), I will make updates on my local files, but it will take until the next Internet update before you can see the changes on my site.


If you have any questions about the radios in my collection, feel free to ask. If you have a general question about radios, or a question about a model not listed on my site, chances are small that I can answer it. You'd better ask the question at the Forum for Old Radios. Click "Schrijf bijdrage" to post a message on that forum (you can post in English).


Like most radio collectors I am constantly bothered by lack of space in my house. (For some items I do have space, see my short wish list on the right. Got any of these items to share?) Because I want to keep buying and enjoying new radios I cannot afford to clutter my house with the ones I already have. Therefore I sell radios from time to time; here is my sale list. Sometimes I am open to good offers on radios not listed there.

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Gerard's Radio Corner is housed by the Computer Science Department of Utrecht University. The Department is an excellent place for both work and study:
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I hope you will enjoy the site.

Zeist, October, 2005,
Gerard Tel.