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Akai ADB10GY Digital Radio

My first digital radio

Data for Akai ADB10GY
ProductionPR China, 2015.
Price was €45.
BandsFM (87.5-108MHz), DAB+ (174-240MHz).
CabinetPlastic. Size 155x110x47mm. Weight 352gr.
PowerDC 5V or Batt 4xAA, 140-200mA; adapter 230V (idle draw 0.0W, in use 0.9-1.3W).
DocumentsBox, Quick Start Guide, retail flyer.

The Design

The model is also available in black and blue.

The batteries run out quite quickly, which is no surprise with 140mA (silent) to 200mA (loud) draw. Rechargeables have lower voltage than alkalines, which leads to quick battery low warnings. I measured the included AC/DC adapter and found it very adequate: when the radio is switched off, it consumes 0.0W of power, and with the radio in use 0.9 to 1.3W, depending on volume.

In my location I get 29 stations (Aug 2015): 18 (mostly commercial) on channel 11C (220.352MHz) and 11 (public) on 12C (227.360MHz). Early 2017, the DAB network has been expanded so that I receive 60 stations.

Obtained8/2015 from Ineke; sn=1545400209, later 1545400208.

This Object

A DAB+ radio is a nice companion to my L'AMiGo radio; clear signal, amplified and reproduced by tube technology.

My first one had the serial number ending in 9. My parents wanted a DAB radio, so I gave them mine and went to the shop for another one. To my surprise, I got one with the adjacent serial number! I must say that I got the second one in the same shop.

In 2018 I opened the set to make an externa antenna connector. The screws are a bit weird, but could be loosened with a 2.4mm driver from my precision set. Inside you find a few PCBs, and clearly visible the loudspeaker and the antenna connected to the middle PCB. There is a shield on the back panel.

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