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Aristona SA5423/21Z Speakers

Two way 20W hifi speakers

Data for Aristona SA5423/21Z
ProductionThe Netherlands, 1972.
Price was 159 guilders.
BandsRange 45 - 20000 Hz.
CabinetWood (twice). Size 26x46x19cm (twice). Weight 7 kg (twice).

The Design

The speakers were made in a Philips factory, but sold under different names, including Aristona and Hornyphon. This Aristona speaker is similar to the Hornyphon SA5423 and Philips 22RH423. From this catalogue page (from about 1972) I also have the bigger version, Philips 22RH426, and the smaller Aristona SA5422.

Each SA5422 speaker box contains a Philips AD8066/W4 woofer and a AD0160/T4 tweeter.

Obtained6/2022 from Kringloop De Wegwijzer; sn=00546034700 and 00546034696.
Condition8; play well.
Value (est.)22€.

This Object

The speakers came from the thrift shop in perfect working condition. After wiping off the dust with a damp cloth, I could take them in use in my home office as my new laptop speakers. Amplifier (on top of the right speaker) is my Mini Giant radio.

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