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AudioSonic TK-44 Portable

Four band pocket radio.

Data for AudioSonic TK-44
ProductionHong Kong, 1975.
BandsLW (150-350kHz), MW(525-1620kHz), SW(4-12 MHz), FM (88-108MHz).
CabinetPlastic. Size 17x11x5cm. Weight 550gr.
PowerBatt 4xAA.

The Design

AudioSonic is a Dutch, Amsterdam based comany that imports consumer electronics from various (mainly Asian) countries.

Obtained6/2014 from Activiteitenmarkt.
DisposedSold 2/2020.
Sound samplePLAY SOUND   This AudioSonic receives Long Waves, and this allows us to listen to the birds in the forest with Radio France International (on 162kHz).

This Object

The radio was complete, rather undamaged, and fully operational (on all bands) when I got it. Nonetheless, I could not resist opening it to see the insides.

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