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Clarville PP8 Portable

Youth memory.

Data for Clarville PP8
ProductionFrance, 1962.
BandsLW, MW.
CabinetPlastic. Size 22x14x6 cm. Weight 900 gr.
PowerBatt 2x4.5V.
DocumentsSchema (from inside sticker).

The Design

My very first radio, an old portable I got from my parents around 1971, looked very much like this one. It isn't the same though, my radio was a Philips. Clarville is a French radio brand, though the radios were actually produced by Sonolor. The French design is clearly recognizable, for example from the antenna plug and the use of flat 4.5V batteries. This radio also uses the center voltage of the batteries, as you can see from the schema, which makes it impossible to supply the radio from a 9V battery or adapter.

Obtained2/2006 from Karin Lampen.
Sound samplePLAY SOUND   French song: in your nose there is a little hole.

This Object

Inside picture, showing the (empty) Philips batteries that were inside when I got the radio. The battery compartment has only three contacts. The long stripe of one battery must be folded over to share the contact with the short strip of the other one.

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