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JYE Tech DSO138 Oscilloscope

Pocket scope

Data for JYE Tech DSO138
ProductionAsia, 2016.
Price was 16€.
BandsBandwidth 200kHz.
CabinetCocobread box. Size 11x17x3cm.
PowerDC 9V.

The Design

The project is fun to build and, combined with a 9V battery, results in a very handy tool for quick diagnosis and signal inspection.

For two reasons it is unsuitable for the more serious radio work. irst, the bandwidth is restricted to 200kHz, so you can only inspect audio frequencies and power supply ripples, but no radio signals. Second, it is a vulnerable transistor unit, that can be damaged by input voltages exceeding 50V. So take care when measuring in tube sets!

Obtained7/2016 from Aliexpress.com.

This Object

Assembly of these small electronics kits is usually not hard. The description came with a small trouble shooting guide, explaining some errors, and I made all of them but could repair it. I prepared the box for the unit before soldering the components to the PCB.

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