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Erres KY564 Table top

Erres Model 4

Data for Erres KY564
ProductionThe Netherlands, 1956.
Price was 225 guilders.
BandsLW (1100-1970m), MW (185-583m), FM (86-101MHz).
TubesECC85, ECH81, EF89, EABC80, EL84, EZ80 (now EZ81).
CabinetPhenoliet (Bakelite). Size 40x28x17cm. Weight 8kg.
PowerAC, 45W.
DocumentsAd, Schema.

The Design

Obtained10/2018 from Leo (Utrecht), sn=1075.
Condition7; left side has glued fracture, bottom misses parts, AM is silent, FM works fine.
DisposedSold 6/2020.

This Object

I replaced 12 capacitors with value outside tolerance, and two resistors. FM works very well, but LW is completely silent and MW is too insensitive.

After a few months of use, FM fell silent. After opening the radio I found the ECC85 to have turned white (photo), a sign that air has entered the glass envelope. I replaced the tube and the radio worked again.

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