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Etude 603 Portable

Very nice compact portable built by our former enimies

Data for Etude 603
ProductionUSSR, 1972.
BandsLW, MW.
9 transistors.
CabinetPlastic. Size 14.5x8x3 cm. Weight 0.26 kg.
PowerBatt 9V.
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The Design

The Soviet portables come with leather carrying case.

Obtained3/1997 from NVHR Swap Meet.
DisposedSold 3/2020.
Sound samplePLAY SOUND   One day, or rather one night, when I was a kid, my father tore me out of my warm bed and put me in front of the television screen. Some hardly visible guy was doing something vague in a place I didn't know and uttered words I didn't understand. Those words were heard at that very same time by hundreds of millions of people, capitalists and communists alike. From all the sounds you can hear in Radio Corner, these come from farthest away.

This Object

To open the radio, you must remove the front part, and the PCB remains with the back panel.

Part of Gerard's Radio Corner.
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