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Fleetwood NTR-6G Globe Radio

Novelty radio in world globe shape

Data for Fleetwood NTR-6G
ProductionJapan, 1962.
BandsMW (540-1610kc).
6 transistors (as written around the equator): 2S30 (converter), 2x 2S31 (IF amp), 1NA46 (detector), 2S32 (driver), 2x 2S33 (output).
CabinetPlastic. Size Height 20cm (diameter 16 cm). Weight 1250 gr.
PowerBatt 6xAA.
DocumentsSchema, Sams Photofacts.

The Design

This is more a "to have" radio than a "to use" radio, as is the case with many novelty sets. The design of this radio is quite simple electrically, being a six transistor circuit with just a single band. A dual band version with short wave added was also available later. But many people appreciate novelties as pieces of practical, useable art.

Opening the radio: take out the three bolts that fix the equator, remove equator. Pull volume control and tuning control. Now remove tuning scale: it is fixed with two screws near volume control, and one screw in the battery case; only loose this one a few turns without removing it completely. Remove northern hemisphere.

Obtained1/2012 from Philip Swinkels.
DisposedSold 6/2018.
Sound samplePLAY SOUND   There are other things you can do to a globe than building a radio in it. A few days after I got my Globe, Laura Dekker completed her solo sail around the world.

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